Progress is built
on process
Your processes, your tools, your data – just better.

Totally transformed, completely familiar

Your processes, your tools, your data – just better.
Explore some of our popular use cases


Unlock the power of your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, General Accounting, Finance Strategy, Planning departments – and more.


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Bring clarity and speed to your supply chain
management workflows, including vendor
management and procurement
approval processes.


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Optimize the way legal, and other
documents are reviewed, tracked,
signed and digitally filed, and make
regulatory compliance a breeze.


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Human Capital Management

Supercharge your HR department, including employee onboarding, policy orientation, appraisal management, and travel and expense processes.


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Project Management

Digital Task Governance with dashboards, reports and more to help  assign, track and analyze workloads.


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Client Management

Enhance the client experience in the onboarding, document management and ongoing relationship management process is good for business while reducing risks.


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Got Unique, Industry-Specific Needs?

Are you a non-profit organization or a financial institution like a retail bank, credit union or alternative asset manager? Discover ONE Platform’s solutions to your specific challenges.