ONE Platform for
any Process
One Paper Lane’s cloud enabled, no-code platform delivers rapid, enterprise grade process transformation, automation
and collaboration.

Change everything without
changing anything

ONE Platform supercharges your productivity through the front, middle and back-office,
so you can keep what works best about your business while transforming it
for the demands of the digital age.

Seamless configuration

Build your transformation one
process at a time. Configure quickly
with a drag and drop interface.
Integrate with other systems.
Add or remove functionality and
scale according to your needs.
All without writing a single line of code.

Security first

One Paper Lane customers
benefit from the most robustly
secure cloud infrastructure
available. We also take your
privacy seriously and do not
have access to your account
or any of your data.

A refreshing take on cost

We take a unique approach
to pricing. We don’t charge per user,
tier, or feature set. We charge
per process, meaning you pay only
for what you need and you’re free
to scale when you’re ready.

How we’re different

ONE Platform supercharges your productivity so you can keep what works best about
your business while transforming it for the demands of the digital age.

ONE Powerful Platform

Unlock the power of business 
process and task management,
data storage, auto data extraction
using OCR, and more. Access and
configure your environment anywhere,
without writing a single line of code.

Unparalleled ROI

One Paper Lane offers unlimited
users, process-based pricing and
flexibility that makes sense
for clients of any size.

Digital Whiteboarding Process

Going digital doesn’t need to be hard.
We make it easy, working with you
to plan your transformation, configure
your account and hand you the keys.
Fast. There’s work to do!

What can ONE Platform
do for you?

Whether its digitizing documents, configuring automation, workflow setup or integration with enterprise apps or your company’s single sign-on system, ONE Platform integrates three core capabilities essential to your business
and puts you in control:


With Business Process Management (BPM)
and Digital Process Automation (DPA),
ONE Platform makes optimizing
operations through workflow and
collaboration seamless.


Enterprise Content Management
(ECM) allows you to easily capture,
manage, store, preserve and
deliver electronic documents
and content.

Task management

ONE Platform’s automated task
governance makes it simple for
project managers develop plans,
assign resources, track progress,
set up reminders and
analyze workloads.