The Richest, most powerful feature set in any single platform

Explore ONE Platform’s features

Digitize Your Own Process

Instantly digitize, add advanced fields
for calculations and advanced logic
while automating any process
and accompanying documents.

Document and process automation
and library

Create and manage workflows,
process flows and digitized documents
and save them for future use.

Task management

Designed to assist a project manager
in developing a plan,
assigning resources to tasks,
tracking progress, setting up reminders
and analyzing workloads.

Proprietary algorithms and
business rules

Define key business rules and
leverage easy-to-use algorithms to
automate complex processes
and calculations

Optical Character Recognition

Automated data extraction
from emailed, scanned or
digital documents.

Document collaboration

Collaborate with internal as well as
external users while also editing and
managing Microsoft Word documents.

ONE Push

Initiate a process flow with
existing structured or
unstructured data
and generate smart


Create digital certified signatures
on documents –
or wherever needed.

Data driven intelligent reports

Analyze data and Key Performance
Indicators (KPI) on a single screen,
on any device, at any time.

ONE Trail

Maintain audit trails on assignments
with routing and processing time
stamps for compliance.

ONE Vault
with contextual search

Thoroughly capture, index and
electronically store your documents,
replacing outdated,
disorganized archives.
Find your information easily
with our powerful search tool.

Integration with
enterprise applications

Work seamlessly with any
enterprise application/ERP system,
including via existing APIs.

Single sign-on
with enterprise ID systems

Sign in securely with existing corporate
user credentials.

Manage deadlines

Set renewal or expiration dates
for any document or process and
set automatic reminders and
due dates.

Real time chat

Collaborate in real time with
others to get clarifications and
increase productivity on
any document or process.