Industry Specific Solutions

One Paper Lane solves some of the most difficult
and widespread industry-specific challenges customers face.

Financial Services

Solutions for financial institutions, banks, credit unions, asset management and private equity clients.

Whether it’s client onboarding, transaction approvals, risk assessment, fraud monitoring, AML/KYC or any other process, the ONE Platform transforms your workflows into an efficient, compliant and cost-effective operation.


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Explore solutions that make buying and selling online seamless – whatever your business.

Successful ecommerce businesses blend complex real-world operations with superb online customer experience. ONE Platform allows you to digitize the processes – from supplier onboarding to logistics management to customer communication – that give your business an edge, and help you keep operating costs down.


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Non-profit Organizations

Running a non-profit comes with its own challenges, especially when you have to make a little go a long way.

Vital business processes – from employee onboarding and volunteer management to policy orientation and compliance – must be impactful and efficient. One Paper Lane works with you to ensure your processes are transformed, your people are focused and empowered and your resources are being put to their best use: serving your cause.’


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From nuts and bolts to bits and bytes: the construction industry is driven by staggering amounts of data. Companies have to keep up.

In addition to the back-office business processes architects, contractors and engineers rely on, ONE Platform helps digitize project bidding, supplier/vendor admin., task management and makes multi-stakeholder collaboration simple and efficient. Find out how ONE Platform can help you break new ground.


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