Client Management

Client loyalty and satisfaction is influenced by the emotions and experiences they share, enhancing the client experience helps build better relationships

Streamline all the steps in client onboarding and management including:

1. Due Diligence

2. Agreement Management

3. Credit Terms Setup

4. Manage ongoing submissions/ Terminations/ Renewals

One Paper Lane can support you with issues such as:

1. Difficulty in managing a paper/email driven client onboarding process

2. Revenue leakage due to delays in the client onboarding and billing process

3. Trying to ensure compliance and KYC process

4. Handling queries from clients during onboarding

5. Sharing frequent communication between clients and internal departments

6. Submission of invoices for payment to clients

7. Manual errors during the client onboarding

8. Manage information storage to record paper-based client documents

9. Manual integration with ERP and other systems